"Aqrovest Logistics” – food and agricultural products wholesale and retail center

"Aqrovest Logistics" is located near the domestic and international transit routes.  It was opened in 2010. "Aqrovest Logistics” center, built and equipped in conformity to international standards. The total area of the logistic center is ​​11 hectares, out of which 4000 m2 is occupied with 3 refrigerated warehouse building and 3000 m2 of trading area. There is also a unit of scale in 100 m2 area in the Center.

"Aqvovest Logistics” is able to receive 100 units large-capacity cargo trucks, load – unload the goods, store, organize wholesale and retail sale of goods. The center is equipped with such equipment as electronic scale of tracks, pressurized water tank, pump station, parking for trucks and passenger cars and other.

In addition, the area is provided with continuous surveillance cameras and security systems.

We invite foreign and local farmers who wish to build a successful business to cooperate with us.