Garabagh Town is located in Agdam region of Azerbaijan and covers an area of ​​10 ha. The special status of economic zone and favorable logistics provides the successful implementation of the project.

Currently the needed measures are taken to make the status of Garabagh Town in the form of economic zone. The following economic consessions will be offered to entrepreneurs in Garabagh Town:

• Customs duties, taxes on land and property are at 0%;

• Exemption from VAT on imported machinery and equipment for production proposes

• State guarantees on investments.

Favorable logistics:

• Access to the Russian market;

• Access to the Turkish market - the newly built Baku-Kars railway line Kars to Ganja distance is 220 km;

• Access to Iran markets;

• Distance from Baku 300 km.

Close trade cooperation opportunities among the companies:

• Enterprises operating in the economic zone will be encouraged for cooperation;

 The main areas of activity will be set in Garabagh Town:

 Processing industry

• Fruit juices, canned fruits and vegetable production;

• Clothing and textile products;

• Carpets and rugs products;

• Spinning products processing and painting;

• Wool, cotton, silk fabric weaving;

• Meat and dairy products.

 Agricultural enterprises

• Greenhouse farming;

• Wool, cotton, silk yarn supply;

• Cattle farms.