North West Town is located Zagatala district of Azerbaijan within the 2 km from the city center. The area covers of ​​20 ha.

Investment Promotion Certificate is presented to entrepreneurs for investment activities. Owners of Investment Promotion Certificate receive the following tax benefits:

• Customs duties, taxes on land and property are at 0%;

• Exemption from VAT on imported machinery and equipment for production proposes

 • 50% exemption of income tax payment

• State guarantees on investments.

Favorable logistics:

• Access to the Russian market - short distance;

• Access to the Turkish market - the newly built Baku-Kars railway line Kars to Ganja distance is 220 km;

• Benefits from the international airport (2 km);

• Republican important highway (Baku-Zagatala-Balakan)

• Transparent access of Business structures to economic zone are provided.

Close trade cooperation opportunities among the companies:

• Enterprises operating in the economic zone will be encouraged for cooperation; 

The main activities which will be held in North West Town 

Processing industry

• Fruit juices, canned fruits and vegetables production;

• Equipment production;

• Agricultural processing and packaging;

• Mineral composition of mineral and natural waters.

Tourism and service

• Hotel;

• Recreation and entertainment center;

• Theme park (attraction) and the Aqua Park;

• Storage.


• Livestock and meat;

• Cocoon and sericulture production;

• Greenhouse farm.


• Food products market;

• Shopping Center (retail and wholesale).