Concept of CSR is based on the Company's mission and values.

RR Group of Companies sees its mission in operatingefficiencyand developing of business standards that meet the requirements of corporate social responsibility.

The company provideshigh-level construction works, offers qualitative services and develops own business to contribute to the economic development of the country.

The main goal of RR Group of Companies is to work with a team united around common values and be the leading company in the sector.

Supported areas:

• Social;

• Science and Education;

• Health;

• Sports;

Implementation means:

• Experience exchange programs;

• Sponsorship;

• Collaboration support;

Main principles of our CSR:

Economic Responsibility - to perform to meet the real needs of the community and work at a high level. Protect company's brand by gaining the customer satisfaction and make a profit;

Legal responsibility–to manage the company in accordance with the relevant laws of the Azerbaijan and the internal rules and procedures of the Company;

Moral responsibility - to act by the rules of morality, by the law of ethical behavior and in accordance with the traditions and customs of the community;

Social responsibility - in support of the community, provide voluntary work aimed at solving the problems that arise insocial sphere.