You will feel our values in your​​daily business activities

Rules and activities​​of our company are based on social values. The experience of past 10 years shows that we prefer to spend significant portion of our time together with our staff. We are proud of our company's values ​​and corporate traditions.


"RR Group of Companies” is developing its business activity in various spheres day by day. We are a dynamic and innovative company, working in different regions of Azerbaijan as well as in Turkey, Hungary and Georgia. Diversified activity of our company will create for you new opportunities to work in professional team. We offer you to use your skills and develop them, to learn,rice and to experience new spares.


In order to ensure the successful functioning of the company, the company's growth rate is going along with the development direction of our employees. We are not offer you only the work, but also offer the career development.

The views of employees are important to us

We are open for discussions of our staff members’ opinions. With the guidance of our company, staff is working in close cooperation with management and to exchange views sessions and meetings are regularly held. Regular surveys to check the quality and satisfaction of our work is carried out.The work done by our employees is very important to us. If you have more meaningfulsuggestions and ideas, we will definitely consider them.

You will be safe with us

We know that everything we do has an impact on people and the environment surrounding us. The main point of our traditions the safety, responsibility and transparency. The main key to our success is the business behavior and ethic norms. These values help us in achieving goals guided by social and economic responsibility, environmental protection and employee safety issues.